Varda Carmeli

(born in Israel, 1948). Lives and works in Hod-HaSharon and in Old-Jaffa, Israel.

Carmeli is a multidisciplinary artist (painting, installation and photography) in recent years focuses on photography.

Varda dedicated herself to art after carrying an International Marketing business as well as Start-up projects. She has lived for several years in South America, Central America and Spain.

Carmeli studied at the "Midrasha" Academy of Art and in additional educational institutions. "One of the things, among others, that I find riveting in photography is the moment of discovery and the magic that is revealed when the photographs are exposed. The focusing, the adjustment, and the concentration in order to

catch a different essence of the place comprise an anomaly with regard to the camera, but this is exactly what I aim to achieve. This is the exciting moment of performance that blazes a new trail in the prescient but non-self-evident path of intention and imagination."

Varda Carmeli  launched her Photo Book 'DECAPSULATION - צפונות' on 2013