Vaibhav Rastogi

Vaibhav Rastogi,a self taught sketch artist, specializes in beautiful and striking effect of black and white graphite,charcoal drawings. His detailed hyper realistic illustrations depicting a variety of themes have been widely published in India. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering and Masters in Business with Summa Cum Laude from Symbiosis University, Pune. Using a variety of pencils, he creates depth and movement through the use of perspective, rich tonality and a number of rendering techniques making him one of the few hyper-realistic artists. He spends a long time studying his subjects because he believes in perfection. He explores various creative approaches with a series of rough sketches. These sketches are refined and ultimately lead to a final line-composition. Then, the final rendering begins. It can require 100 hours or more to complete a large pencil drawing. He aims to achieve greater depths in his illustrations through his most precious art material - Observation.

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