Suzette Huwae

Suzette Huwae, Based in London. Actually from Amsterdam, was born and raised in the Netherlands. (Apeldoorn). Growing up in a Dutch society with her Moluccan roots, made her fully aware of her multicultural background.Suzette: “I° graduated with honors on a First BA Teachers Degree in Drawing and Painting at the University of Arts in Utrecht (NL). Soon she realised that she never had the ambition to be a Teacher. She moved to Amsterdam and used various opportunities to express her artis­tic skills in different ways. She participated in Dutch TV shows and decorated in theatres. However she didn’t feel like she was realising her full po­tential. So she decided to move to London to be part of a vibrant melt­ing pot.” Now based in London she enjoys every aspect of the vibrant city life, and is fully inspired by all the glamorous, colourful and strong women around the world. These elements can be found in her unique artwork.