Olga Abramova

Olga Abramova is a contemporary artist who creates and lives in Italy, inspired by nature, movement and science. She was born in Moscow, where she was studying art privately by the age of 17, approaching different techniques with a particular preference for watercolors. She then moved to Varese, in Northern Italy where she first began working with oils. She won her first painting award at the age of 19 and her work was acquired by the City Hall, where it is currently on display. Since then her work has been published in: Connaissance des Arts; her drawings have been sold at auction by Gallery Orler (Venice), Gioielli di Carta (Rome) and Nardi (Pietra Santa). She has exhibited at and her work was published in the catalogue for the Foire International de Dessin (Paris) 2010, 2011. For seven years she maintained her private studio in the Campo dei Fiori Natural Park and collaborated with a master painter from Varese, while pursuing her studies at the Brera Fine Arts Academy (Milan). Inspired by the still life tradition in Milan, she graduated from Brera with a degree in painting in 2013, with distinction. Olga painted the portrait of Pope Benedict XVI for Fabbri precious postal stamps to commemorate his visit to Milan in 2013, and another one for the Restoration of Madonna dei Ghirli (Lugano) 2012. Throughout these years she has continued to cultivate her study of Anatomy: during months spent in the exhibition Body Worlds, working and studying in The Body Worlds Center (under the guidance of the leading Professor, Eduard Borzyak) in Guben, Germany; finally in 2014 she completed the course Struttura Uomo with the anatomy instructor Alberto Lolli. In 2013 Olga Abramova moved to Florence to continue her studies at the Florence Academy of Art. In 2014 her work was included in The Exhibition for Human Rights at The Kennedy Foundation. During the exhibition she presented her drawing along with her own choreography. She has a degree in ballroom dance choreography, achieved in 2014 in Lombardy.