Juan Cordero

Cordero Juan Fco was born in Cáceres, Spain. He has traveled and exhibited his work in cities such as Nantes, Paris, Barcelona etc. A multidisciplinary artist with experience in graphic design, plastic, and content editing for Social Media, it was not until 5 years ago that he dedicated his time completely to the arts. Cordero is art lover with diverse experiences and expressions in graphic design, decoration and photography. It is in the world of digital collage where he finds the platform to express all his knowledge of art, fashion and music disciplines for which he feels true passion and which are the three pillars that support his graphic work. It is through this medium that he tries to shape his contemplative base of the present, towards new realities, reframing and decontextualizing the images to build a new message, thus, new readings for the history of art, advertising and visual culture. As can be seen, in his work in recent years at first he begins to make very basic compositions, extrapolating classical paintings to closer realities, providing a riticism sometimes satirical and others with more dramatic overtones, to spend a very short time later to experiment with the macro photography from which his first series was born: “Desktop Objects”, in which, on a black background he composes new figures with objects that go unnoticed in our daily reality. All this gives way to the current moment in which any image inspires him, creating a ransformation process in which color, shadows, movement and drama acquire great relevance always with a deeply optimistic and satirical touch. Cordero Juan Fco shows us a personal reality that can coexist perfectly with any memory of ours, that makes it very close and at the same time desirable. His constant orderly disorders are a clear example of what the mind of the contemporary creator is.  Cordero has the ability to capture us with these elements and contemporary symbols, taking us to new levels of understanding and perceptions of our changing world.