Jayr Peny

Jayr Peny was born on 12 1965 in the city of Natal in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Jayr Peny is a member of "Artists Association of France" belonging to the European Committee for Fine Arts and Cultural Academy International Plastic Arts ", based in Saint-Etienne, France, the" National Society of Fine Arts "based in Lisbon , the Cooperative Tree in Porto, the International Federation of Plastic Artists based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. In 2001 the general council of the International Academy of Arts, Letters and Sciences' Greci - Marino ", based in Vinzaglio, Italy, granted Jayr Peny the prestigious title of Academic Superior and the historic city of Florence in 2003, it is a member of the oldest academy of world art to 'Il Marzocco "and the association" Gallery Centro Storico di Firenze "gives him the" Premio Venezia Serenissima 2003 ". Still in Italy, is awarded the prize "Città di Milano, Duomo Art 2004," and later that year became a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Lisbon. From 2004 Jayr Peny is Museo ILGilardi exclusive Artist.