J.C. Kanter

From New York, where he lives, J.C.Kanter is an artist who conveys with his digital art also strong social and political messages. The idea of Cristian0 Merra, Founder and Director of ILGilardi museum, which J.C.Kanter is an artist, born the Collection "Connexion", a job "four hands" which is very well expressed the contemporary message. Cristiano Merra wanted to devise a serious of artworks through which the collectors can interact directly with the artist, knowing from him every detail, from the last voyage to favorite music genre, as well as new artworks in preparation, his last reading, till to discover and take part of his daily life. This Art Social Idea has been masterfully created by J.C.Kanter , who was able to transform and make attractive those symbols of common use , such as the barcode Thanks to the barcode inserted in the the art work, the collectors can receive all the daily updated information from the artist. It's the first time that by the Art you are directly "connected" with the Artist.