Alexander Donskoi

Born in one of the most unique, mystical and enigmatic places on earth. It’s called Far East Russia.

"In 1991 I moved to Canada, where I continue working on my drawings and paintings, as well as studying and becoming fascinated by the early Netherlandish/Flemish artists, as well as the greatest surrealist artists. During past 20 years I had many solo and group shows. I had several publications and interviews with TV programs, and numerous of my art works were sold to private collectors around the globe.

To me, the most significant project I had ,was the international exhibition in Otaru, Japan “Salvador Dali and Fantastic Realism” in 1998, where I had the honour to represent Canada with my surrealistic drawings and paintings of “The flying islands”, along with artists like Max Ernest, Ernest Fuchs and G.R Geiger. It’s gave me recognition among the high-end artist of the word, as I shared and demonstrated my goals and endless ideas!"