Alessandro Vianello

Self-taught, he began his artistic career in 2009, inventing a personal and innovative pictorial language, in constant evolution, which adopts its own means of contemporary technology, other than those that have always belonged to the tradition. He uses one of his pictures as a preparatory sketch, what he calls "raw material." At free hand, with just a mouse and a computer, he molds every pixel of the image, because in his view the imperfections of handmade makes a work of art perfect. He creates a layer of fluid material, rendering the digital painting, amalgamable and unpredictable to be used to primer the monitor.
The tumultuous and gestural action of his unconventional technique, invades the digital canvas space Alessandro Vianello paints, millimeter by millimeter, with a really tiny set of brushes and bristles virtual sensitive to pressure and angle. For a nuance of sign tract, he necessary amend size, consistency and density. He delves into matter to redefine the contours, surfaces, shadows, colors and even the perspective vision by creating a harmonious three-dimensionality and the illusion that the work seems "alive" and that "minds."